There are many pieces of exercise equipment on the market. This includes aerobic equipment, home gyms which work the whole body, as well as pieces of equipment that work only one muscle group. One individual piece of equipment you see sold are those that work your abdominal muscles. It’s good to have a strong core since your abdominal muscles act as stabilizers. Here is one great sit up machine that gives you a great workout.

Although most people think that working your abs will help in losing fat through what has been called spot reduction, this has no truth to it. In order to lose body fat in any area, general activity, and especially your eating habits play the main parts in being successful. Even though you can’t do what’s called spot reduction, a strong core is still important. Here we cover one of many pieces of equipment that will help you develop a strong core.

Brand: Wonder Core

Product: 12 in 1 fitness equipment

This is unique because it allows you to do one hundred and eighty degree stretching, as well as a twisting motion which works your side oblique muscles. Most abdominal machines you see work only your front abdominal s. It also has a very comfortable seat, and it even comes with other features which allows you to work other muscles along with your abs like your chest, back, arms, and shoulders. It even comes with a guide which shows more than eight workouts and how to properly perform each exercise.


  • Works more than just your abdominal muscles
  • Comes with an exercise guide
  • Is very sturdy and durable
  • Offers a payment plan
  • Very portable and easy to store


  • Protection plan is offered but is extra
  • Height or weight may be an issue

Most products that you see to work your core and abdominal s are very simple and require little if no assembly. Even though this is nice and it takes away any time that may be lost due to assembly, it may be worth the time due to the effectiveness of the equipment when compared to other abdominal machines that are on the market.

There are many abdominal machines on the market, most of which work only core muscles. This piece of equipment will work your abdominal s along with many other muscle groups which makes it a good to get a full body workout. Because of the sturdiness and quality material used, as well as the uniqueness of this abdominal machine, I would consider using it before any other basic ab machine.

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