Although the equipment that is used is the main part of the gym, the way in which it is set up is also important. The size of the space also determines the equipment you will be able to use. Here are some images and descriptions of of different types of home gyms 

Apartment Gym

Concerning an apartment gym, you probably have a few more choices when compared to a garage gym. If you need equipment for an apartment gym, you will probably be able to use an extra piece of aerobic equipment such as an elliptical machine or treadmill. The main factor you should be concerned about when starting an apartment gym is the use of free weights. Due to the weights probably being dropped, it’s recommend having a unit on the first floor.

Basement Gym

If you are going to start a basement gym, this gives you the most choices of the three. Unlike a garage or apartment gym, a basement gym gives you much more space. This allows for additional pieces of equipment such as a lifting platform, squat cage, as well as a set of dumbbells if needed. If you are starting a gym and have the space, this is recommend due to the flexibility that you have.

Garage Gym

A garage gym is the most basic type of home gym that you can build. This means that you need only your very basic equipment depending on your goals. The lack of space will limit you to being able to use certain pieces of equipment, but if you want a good home gym for an affordable price, a garage gym would be the best option.

Here are some basic layouts to look at that may help with starting your home gym.

Most individuals don’t have the funds available to purchase all equipment at once, but build up over time. You’d only need the very basics to start with including: dumbbells, a barbell, barbell plates, a bench, and a rack for squats or bench press. 

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