What Aerobic Equipment Is Best

If you are training for endurance, you know that there are many options to choose from concerning the equipment you can use. What aerobic equipment is best you may ask. There are different types of aerobic equipment including bikes, steppers, ellipticals, or treadmills. If you want to know what aerobic equipment is best, here is an overview of two pieces of equipment. 

Two of these include the stair stepper and the stationary bike. There are a few differences in the stationary bike vs a stepper. They are similar in some ways as well. One difference in these two pieces of equipment is the plane of movement. They also work different muscles as well. One thing that is similar is the fact that both isolate specific muscles. This focuses more on what is called local muscular endurance. This is very different from a treadmill which works more on overall endurance since you use the whole body. 

Both of these pieces of equipment mainly isolate and work the legs, so if you are training for an activity that requires muscular endurance for the legs, these would be good to use. If you need to increase your level of overall endurance though, something like a treadmill or free running would work much better. 

For everyday activities, the motion of stepping is used more so you may want to use a stair stepper if you want functional endurance, whereas a bike is a more specific training tool. Also, when using a bike or stepper, this may help at increasing the strength of the muscles used.

In conclusion, if you want a good workout that will help increase muscular strength and endurance, you should use a stepper or bike. If you need more total endurance though, running or using a treadmill would be more appropriate. 

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