Using a Pulling Harness for Workouts

The effects of using a pulling harness for workouts is great if you’re looking to increase your overall strength functionally. This would mean using exercises that are more like everyday life and the motions used would help with things you would normally do. This is unlike going to a gym and using free weights. Although you still gain strength using a gym, it is more practical to use this, or other products available that are more for functional training. Here is information on using a harness for a workout.

What is a pulling Harness ?

A pulling harness is a piece of training equipment similar to a vest. It is used during a workout if you want to train the total body. All you have to do is find an object that is big enough and has enough weight to it that you know it will be a challenge to pull. The process of connecting it to the object you’re going to pull is simple and shouldn’t be an issue.

Why use a pulling harness ?

You should use equipment such as a pulling harness when training if you want to increase your overall level of strength. This type of training is more functional and will assist you in everyday movements unlike using weights at a gym.

How  its used

A harness is easy to use and consists only of putting it on and securing it to yourself. You then attach it to the object that you will be pulling and you’re ready to go. Many individuals you see using a harness are pulling in a more upright position. Although it may seem there’s nothing wrong with this, you don’t want to use this bio mechanical position to do the work.

Using this position will decrease the amount of force you are able to use, as well as increase the chances of injury occurring. The reason there is a lack of force produced is because the lower an object is to the ground, the more force that can be produced due to the help of gravity.

Concerning injury, you are much more prone to a back injury when using an upright position because your body is perpendicular to the direction the object is moving. In this position, there is much more strain being put on both the muscles, and vertebrae of the back increasing the risk of injury. When you’re parallel to the ground and in the correct position, the risk for injury is significantly decreased.

Who can use it

It can be used by any individual wanting to increase their overall level of strength and muscular endurance. This includes individuals from beginners, to the advanced athlete. For the beginner you should make sure that someone is there to instruct you on using the proper form.

Where can it be used ?

The use of a pulling harness is somewhat limited to where it can be used since it requires a distance to pull an object. Unless there is a gym that is made for this type of activity and has room, or if you live in an area that has a wide open space outdoors, its’ use may not be practical. Here are some pros and cons of a pulling harness being used for training.


Its affordable

It’s easy to use

Gives you a change in your workout routine

More functional than training with machines or free weights

Trans both muscular strength and endurance


Limited to where you can use it

Using proper technique may be difficult at first

Beginner more prone to injury if not instructed properly

Requires another individual to guide object in correct direction (automobile or ATV)

Final Verdict

If you are working on getting equipment needed for at home workouts, a pulling harness is a good choice for strength training. Its affordable and easy to use. Hopefully this information has given you a general idea on what this piece of equipment is, what its used for, and how to use it for strength training purposes.

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