Finding a unique rowing machine

When you’re looking at rowing machines,  is very challenging to know which one may be best suited to fit your needs. Here is an overview of a rowing machine that will assist you in your aerobic training to meet your personal goals in your level of fitness.

When it comes to aerobic training equipment, any type of equipment is good. Because some types of equipment such as the treadmill or stationary bike tend to focus more on the legs, I recommend that you look at other options which include total body movements. This would include anything like an elliptical, or rowing machine. Here we look at a unique rowing machine which works your total body.

Brand: Body Trac

Product: Glider 1050

Here are some positive and negative aspects of this piece of equipment which may help you in deciding if it is the best thing to meet your needs.


Assembly instructions provided
Electronic monitor to keep track of heart rate, calories burned, and other factors

Choice of assembly is provided

Sturdy Steel frame construction

Very comfortable seat

Foldable arms for easy storage

Easy to adjust resistance




If you opt for assisted assembly, moving of product is NOT provided

Although assembly instructions are provided, you can always find local help if needed

Takes approximately four hours to assemble

The fact that it gets a four out of five star rating says that existing customers like its performance and what it has to offer. It is also nice the number of factors that you can track while using this product. This includes work time, heart rate, stroke volume, and calories burned.

Free Athletic Training

A protection plan is also offered for a very small extra price. One of the main differences in this machine and other rowing machines, is the fact that here you are able to mimic almost the exact motion of rowing when you are in the water. Most rowing machines have the resistance directly in front or you. This is in no way like actual rowing which is done to the side.

The structure of this rowing device with the handles to the side, along with the adjustable resistance makes this as close to actual rowing on the water as possible. Overall, the structure and function of this machine makes it unique over other machines on the market. If you need a simple machine for rowing that will easily fit in your home for an affordable price, this may be for you.

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