You have a number of types of home gyms that you can build when beginning. The type of gym that you start out with could depend on the space available and/or your budget Here are the basic types of gyms that one should look at when starting a home gym.


Basement gym

If you are going to start a basement gym, this gives you the most choices. Unlike a garage or apartment gym, a basement gym gives you much more space. This allows for additional pieces of equipment such as a lifting platform, squat cage, as well as a set of dumbbells if needed. If you are starting a gym and have the space, a basement gym is reccomended due to the flexibility that you have.


Garage gym

A garage gym is the most basic type of gym. If you are starting a garage gym, you will need only the very basic equipment. One factor when starting a garage gym is that there are certain pieces of equipment that you will not be able to use. This includes things such as a squat cage due to its size, as well as a set of dumbbells. This is why it is best to go for the option of using a squat rack, as well as a compact set of dumbbells for home use.


Apartment gym

Concerning an apartment gym, you probably have a few more choices when compared to a garage gym. If you need equipment for an apartment gym, you will probably be able to use an extra piece of aerobic equipment such as an elliptical machine or treadmill. The main factor to consider is use of free weights. Due to the weights probably being dropped,  having a unit on the first floor would be best.

The links below are for software that can be used when starting a gym. This should assist you in getting a general idea on what makes a good gym.

Depending on your space and budget, there are also other factors or items you may want to consider as well. 


Area for massage and Accupuncture

These are two great types of therapy to be used after a workout in order to relieve pressure from a hard workout. It wouldn’t have to be after each workout, but if you have the finances, these are great services to use periodically.


Area for yoga and meditation

Most individuals with a home gym focus solely on the workouts, but using a small amount of time prior to or after a workout for some form of meditation will help you relax, decrease stress, and maintain your focus.

Young woman practicing yoga in an urban studio



If you have an indoor gym and want to have a good post workout relaxation, using a sauna will help draw out any stresses you may have.


Overall, of the three types of home gyms mentioned, each will give you the results that you are looking for concerning your goals. Also, regardless of the type of gym you are designing, it comes at a very affordable cost. There are numerous layouts that can be used depending on the area you have. All of the factors mentioned concerning the environment of the gym, ones budget, as well as the type of gym should be considered  This information provided will help you start the best home gym for your personal fitness goals.

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