Here we hope to assist you in buying a good home gym. If you choose to purchase a good home gym that has multiple exercises on one piece of equipment, I would do so only if I wanted to maintain my weight or were just starting out.

Brand: Total Gym

Product: 1400 Delux

Although it may be more expensive than purchasing one piece of equipment, I advise anyone that wants to increase their overall strength and just beginning, or is advanced in training to purchase multiple pieces of equipment including free weights instead of a basic at home gym. This being mainly because when you are training for strength most home gyms only offer a small amount of resistance.

There are many home gyms on the market today that you can try. Each home gym is different in its own way. This includes the exercises that are available to do, as well as the form of resistance that is being used. Most machines use weight stacks as resistance, but some do not. Here we will go over one piece which uses ones own body weight as resistance and how it may help you increase your strength. We will cover both the positive and negative aspects in order to help you reach a decision on whether or not this piece may be for you.

Product: Total Gym 1400 Delux


  • Comes fully assembled
  • You can do up to 60  exercises with 12 levels of resistance
  • Easily change between exercises for a good cardio workout
  • Exercise instructional DVD included
  • Comes with a nutrition guide
  • There is a 10 year parts guarantee


  • May not be well suited for someone with limited mobility
  • Extra equipment needed to do abdominal exercises
  • May not be ideal length for the taller individual
  • May be too narrow for the larger individual
  • Possibility of damage upon arrival

Overall, this piece of exercise equipment is unique in the way that it operates and is great for use by anyone that is beginning in weight training, and even for the individual that has been injured and is going through rehab. If you want to have a piece of exercise equipment where you are able to increase your strength some and maintain what you have, this is great for you, but if you are looking at gaining serious strength and are experienced in training, you should look at other options.

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