There are many home gyms out on the market. It is hard to know which one may be the best for your fitness and health goals. This is especially true if it is your first purchase of a home gym.


Most machine home gyms are good in a sense that they are space-saving if you lack the room for a gym with free weights. You’re also offered the majority of exercises you find at your average gym. Here is an overview of a total body home gym that gives you numerous exercises for many workouts.


Product: Bowflex Extreme 2 SE

The bowflex extreme is a good home gym that offers a number of different exercises to perform. It is lacking in some that you find at your gym, but still is sufficient to get a good quality workout. For example, two of these exercises not included are the leg press and lat pull down. Although this is true, you are able to do squats since it comes with attachments. Other parts are also available but do not come with the machine. This includes a bar for preacher curls, as well as a harness to use for ab crunches.

When it comes to workouts, you don’t have to design a workout unless you want to. That is because different types of workouts are included such as strength training, bodybuilding, and circuit training workouts. The type of workout you choose depends on your overall goals. If you are an experienced lifter that keeps track of your workouts, you may have some adjusting to do when you begin using the bowflex extreme. This is because what is said to be the same resistance on the machine may actually be less. This may lead to needing extra rods in the future.



Many different exercises possible

Easy to change resistance

Easy to switch between exercises

Resistance up to 410 lbs available

Good for all ages and experience levels


Finding correct rod position may be challenging

May not be ideal for shorter individual

Assembly instructions not totally clear

Resistance may not be 100% accurate

Seven year warranty

The fact that all bowflex products are made from rods for resistance makes it different from the use of free weights. One of these differences is the resistance at different parts of the range of motion. For example, while doing a bench press with dumbbells, the starting position has the highest resistance, while as you reach the end of the movement to full arm extension, it becomes easier. When you compare this to the bowflex, at the starting position, resistance is also the highest, but as the range of motion changes the resistance remains more similar throughout.

When looking into purchasing a bowflex product, one factor you want to look at is the accuracy of poundage used. Because the resistance used on the bowflex may actually be less than what is used at the gym, you may need more resistance rods. Also, as mentioned before, over time if not maintained properly, the resistance bands will decrease in the amount of tension that they have and may need to be replaced. This is not covered by any warranty.

Overall, the bowflex extreme SE is a good product for home use if you need a total body workout. You’re able to do numerous types of workouts as well. The number of exercises possible as well as the workouts provided make it good for total body training. If you’re new to weight training and need a good machine for resistance training, this may work, but if finances are a challenge, other models are available that are more affordable.

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  1. Justin

    That looks like a really well made piece of equipment. The instructional video was very informative as well. If I was looking at a one piece home gym, I would definantly consider this piece.

    1. I’m glad you learned something from it. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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