There are different pieces of equipment used for therapy purposes.  Here are some of the positive  effects of using electrode therapy.

There have been many knock off pieces of equipment in the past concerning different pieces of equipment. One of these may be the vibrator machine for the abdominal muscles. This didn’t last very long because it wasn’t effective as it claimed to be. Here we look at a piece of equipment that can be used to assist in increasing the strength of the muscles through infrared stimulation. This is good for increasing the strength of the muscle during an injury or if you are not able to be active.

This uses what you call TENS electronic stimulation. The muscles are activated by using electrodes that are placed on specific muscles. This will assist in decreasing any pain due to an injury, helping in the healing process. That is only one of many things that this is used for. Here are some great features that are provided.


  • Electrodes can be used up to thirty times
  • Easy to find replacement pads
  • Allows for sixteen different settings concerning frequency, intensity, and duration
  • Can be used for up to ten hours
  • Batterys are rechargable
  • Customer service provided
  • Comes with a 12 month warranty

Unlike some people may think, this device can not be used to increase the strength of a muscle to the extent of going to the gym, making it “easy” to stay in shape. This is meant to be used more for either decreasing localized pain due to a strained muscle, or to assist in the healing process after having to endure an injury to a tendon or ligament.

Because these type of devices are sold to the individual and you don’t have to go to your local doctor to be treated makes it very easy to assist yourself in recovering from injury or to just relax from a hard days work. The research that has gone into this type of therapy is why it is used by doctors as well as in the athletic training community.

This comes with everything that you need from the electrodes and charger, as well as the control device and a user Manuel. If you want to receive some effective therapy whether it is to treat an injury, or just to help your muscles relax, this is a great piece of equipment to use.

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