Best Deals On Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes are simple to operate and most are fairly inexpensive. Finding the best deals on stationary bikes can be hard.  Here is an overview of one of the best selling bikes. 

Brand: Sunny Health and Fitness

Model: Belt drive


Gaurentee: Manufactures warrenty

This indoor bike has rollers which make it easy to move, along with a seat that is easily adjustable. It also makes for a very quiet workout and uses chain resistance for workouts.


Its also very easy to use reguardless of your level of fitness, and is good for commercial or home use. Although it does have its pros, the seat may be a bit on the harder side, and no heart rate monitor is included.


This bike is very durable and easy to use, and is also very mobile and easy to move in case you need the extra space. The fact that there is a weight limit of 240 lbs may need to be a consideration before making a purchase.



The price is great for an individual looking for a bike of high quality at an affordable price. A two year warrenty is also included.


Overall, this indoor bike is very high quality and comes at an affordable price. I would seriously look at this bike for personal use. If your looking for something long term for a commercial gym, because of the limited two year warrenty, and a lack of tracking devices,  you may want to consider other options.



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