Buying a good stationary bike

When it comes to buying a good stationary bike, there are many on the market to choose from.Here is an overview of one of the best selling stationary bikes.

Brand: Exerputic

Model: Folding magnetic bike

Gaurentee: 1 year


The exerputic weighs only 39 pounds and is two and a half feet long and almost four feet in height.  This bike is also great because the LED screen monitors your speed, time, distance, heart rate, as well as the calories you burn during a workout.


It can be used by anyone reguardless of age or fitness level because it comes with eight different levels of resistance. The exerputic is also great for home use due to having the feature of folding which will save space. The only factor you should remember is that there is a weight limit of three hundred pounds.


As mentioned earlier, its very durable and easy to move. Although the frame is made of steel, the fact that plastic is also used may decrease the total level of durability.


The exerputic  is very affordable for the level of quality for anyone. The price indicates the fact that its probably better for individual use as opposed to being used by a commercial gym. The manufactures warrenty which is included is not for a very long period of time so this should also be considered


Overall, the exerputic bike is great for individual use and very affordable, also because it fits into small spaces its great for an apartment. Because of the limited warrenty, It may not be right for use at a commercial gym, but for the individual looking for a great workout at an affordable price the exerputic  may be right for you.

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