Should You Use A Treadmill Or Bike

From the many pieces of equipment that are available to use for aerobic training including: bikes, treadmills, steppers, and elipticles they are all very effective at increasing your aerobic endurance. One may ask though which one is most effective. One difference in a treadmill vs a stationary bike is calories burned. Should you use a treadmill or bike ? This depends on your overall goals of your workout.

 Training on a treadmill works your overall body more while using a bike only isolates your leg muscles. This means that for more of a total endurance training, the treadmill is your best choice. The cost of the exercise bike or treadmill should also be considered before deciding on which to purchase.

Here are some pros and cons of using a bike or a treadmill


Allows to isolate the legs Doesn’t train overall endurance

Not as intense Speed is not consistent

Easier to adjust the speed Takes longer to burn same number of calories

More mobile and movable



Trains for overall endurance

Not as mobile

Allows for adjustment in speed

Not as accessible for some people

Has the option of changing grade

These are some of the differences between training on a bike or a treadmill. Your individual goals will determine which of these two pieces of equipment is right for you.



Overall, if you want to train your body for more of a overall endurance using all the muscles, a treadmill is the better choice. Unlike a bike, the treadmill trains the total body increasing overall endurance. The only negative about the treadmill is the mobility. There are some treadmills that can easily be moved, but a bike is much more mobile than a treadmill. I suggest that if you are using a home gym the choice of a bike may be better due to the difference in size while a treadmill is better suited to be used at a commercial gym. 


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