Is a stationary bike or eliptical better

Both a stationary bike and the elipticle machine are great training tools for ones’ aerobic endurance. Is a stationary bike or elliptical better ?  These pieces of equipment work in different ways giving you different results. He we discuss some general differences between a stationary bike and elliptical.

What equipment is best to use
Depending on your training goals, this may determine what type of equipment you would need to use. An eliptical machine gives you more of an overall training effect since you use both arms and legs. A stationary bike is more isolated using only the legs. This is because you are in a seated position and are not using any arm movement. 
Differences between the two
There are many other differences in using these two modes of training. An elliptical machine is more of a total body workout. Since you are standing on an elliptical and using the arms, this brings your abdominal muscles more into play. The abdominals are used to stabilize the body in the upright position.

If you are in a seated position, the abdominal muscles are not used as much. Another difference has to do with resistance. A stationary bike allows you to adjust the resistance used while an elliptical doesn’t have this feature. Even though increasing the resistance does make it harder to use, the revolutions per minute or speed is much more important for aerobic endurance. 
You are also able to do more whole body interval training on an elliptical machine when compared to a bike. Using high intensity interval training has been shown to have as much if not more of an effect at helping you lose weight when compared to using a continuous speed. This type of training will also help with anaerobic endurance as well. Here is a short video on some of the differences in these two machines. 
In conclusion, if you are looking to train specific muscles or for an event such as a race, using a stationary bike will be your best choice. Overall though, since an elliptical machine works more total body, if you’re looking at increasing your overall body endurance an elliptical is a much better choice.

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