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If you’re an individual that is committed to health and fitness, or just a beginner, anyone would like to have a home gym where you can concentrate on workouts without the distraction of being in a crowd.

When you’re starting a home gym, you should take different factors into consideration if you would like to have a good home gym.






Your budget is a important factor in determining both the amount and quality of equipment you will be able to use. The space available will determine the amount of equipment needed, giving you a general budget concerning the cost of equipment. The space could be anywhere from a garage gym with limited equipment, to having a basement gym where  more equipment can be used if funds are available.  A very basic home gym can be started for just under $2,600 or less depending on the pieces of equipment you’ll be using.

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The type of equipment used for a home gym is  important for getting a quality workout. If you are on a limited budget, it may not be an option to purchase everything at once, but to complete it over time. The equipment you use will depend on the following.

  • The location
  • The amount of total space available.
  • Your fitness goals
  • Finances Available

Here is a list of basic equipment needed to start a home gym



The flooring used for a home gym should be solid and able to absorb any force put into it from the use of weights. A floor with a concrete base is recommended. You should also have a layer of hard rubber flooring above the base to absorb shock from the dropping of weights, as well as to protect the equipment from damage. If you’re performing lifts like the snatch or clean and jerk where plates have to be dropped, a platform and bumper plates are recommended

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