There are many squat racks on the market. These vary in prices depending on what your goals may be and the type of rack you may need. Here are some basic squat racks that will meet your needs for your new home gym. These are separated concerning price, so if you are just new to starting a home gym, or need to upgrade, any of these choices are good.  Above each picture there is a link to a post concerning the features and description of the product. 

Very Affordable

Merax                          Ollieroo 1                 Ollieroo 2              Doeplex


Fuel Perf                     Titan T 3                 Body Champ


Titan                            Hulkfit                      Rep                          Titan T 3

Valero Pro

Higher Priced

Steelbody                    Fringesport               X Mark                 Valor Pro



Lower Priced

Goplus                    Gymax                    Fitness reality         Best Fitness

Hulkfit                       Titan                        Rep                           Happybuy

Average Price

Merax                          Valor                           Resolve                Titan

Archon                          Popsport

Higher Priced

Marcy                           Body solid             Fitness reality           Steelbody

Lifeline                       Marcy