Are Rings Or TRX Better



If your pushed for time and cant go to the gym, there are many body weight exercises that you can do. Although they may not be as effective as resistance training with weights, you can still increase your strength. These include things such as push ups, pull ups, lunges, multiple exercises using a resistance band, or using rings. Are rings or trx better. This will depend on your goals as well as your level of experience with this type exercise. Here we cover differences in trx training or using regular rings for your exercises. 

One great thing to use when doing body weight exercises is rings like you see used in gymnastics. You can do a wide variety of exercises with these. Here we compare TRX and regular rings and which may be better for you.

To begin with, the trx system uses stable things like a door to put the rings in. This decreases the intensity placed on some of the stabilizer muscles. Also, because the two rings used are connected to one rope at the top, this allows for a better balance than when using basic rings. 


TRX training is a great system to use for starters since you are much more stable. Once you have increased your strength though and can maintain balance, you should think of switching to using rings. 

When using rings you are able to adjust them as needed to different heights depending on the exercise being done. You are also using your core muscles more when using basic rings for stabilization purposes and have a much greater choice  of the number of exercises you can do. 



Here are some pros and cons for each of using rings vs TRX training.

Rings                                                                    TRX



more exercises to choose from                           Can also use for leg exercises

greater increase in strength                                more portable

cost less



More unstable                                                 Cant do anything above the handles

More stress put on the hands                          More expensive

Overall trx training is recommended for one that is first starting out and lacks balance or general strength. You should switch to rings when these factors are met. That is why it is suggested that you purchase a similar brand to trx at a much lower price. These are only some positive and negative aspects of using rings vs trx. 


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