Buying a good power cage

Squat racks are needed for all gyms so you can properly do some exercises. Here we assist you in buying a good power cage  concerning what may best fit your needs and goals.

Here is a general description of parts to a basic squat rack or cage that you should know when looking to purchase one.

Frame: Basic structure of the product, and you should look at the dimensions of the frame concerning its height especially when comparing it to where you would be using it in your home.

Safety Bar: Goes on the inside of a cage between the frame. This is what catches the bar if it is dropped.

J-hooks: These are the hooks that are used either on the inside or outside of the frame to rest the barbell on when you are not using it.

Spotters arm: This is the part of a rack that the weight is under when you step back if you are doing a squat on the outside of the cage.

Here are some positive and negative facts about this piece that anyone would probably look at when thinking of purchasing a squat rack.

Product: Resolve fit power cage


  • Can withstand up to 1,500 pounds of weight being dropped on the safety bars
  • The chin up bars that are provided will support up to 600 pounds
  • Compatible with a 7 foot bar
  • The holds are numbered so when you are changing the position of the safety bar it is quick and easy
  • The safety bars are coated to help protect the barbell from damage when it is dropped


  • The steel framing of this cage is not the traditional size which means that you may not be able to purchase additional accessories from another retailer
  • Intended for commercial use so the price is more than a general squat cage
  • Shipping may be an issue so use the highest quality of shipping to avoid damage

This cage is great for anyone that is going to be doing a lot of weight and can be used by anyone from the beginner to the competitive lifter. The only concern about this piece of equipment that I may have would be the size of the frame and the accessories that are used. Although it probably is possible to get extra accessories from the manufacturer, you should still make sure of this prior to buying.

In conclusion, this squat cage is a very sturdy and safe piece of equipment. The fact that it is made for commercial use though would make me consider other options if I was looking only for a general squat rack for a home gym. This squat rack is a good investment for anyone that has a private gym that needs a new cage.

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