Good eliptacal machines

There are many different elipticals sold on the market. When it comes to finding good eliptical machines, you may ask which one is more suited to fit my needs ? Here we go over only one of many good elipticals and a where to find it for a great price.

Product: Precor stride tech

Price: $220

Guaurentee: 3 years


The precor stride tech has just about everything you’ll need for a great aerobic workout.  Its also made from very durable material and is guarenteed to withstand the volume of use you would expect for a commercial gym.

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The usage is great because it has numerous levels of resistance that can be used. This means that regardless of your fitness level, the precor eliptical will adjust to the intensity you need.


The stride tech is very durable and great for either commercial or home use. They also have great customer service to answer any questions.


If your looking at home use the price may be a little high, but if your serious about your workouts and don’t mind the price its great.  Due to the price though it may not be affordable for the individual and be more suitable for commercial use.


This elipticle trainer is a great product, but if its for individual usage you could find something on the less expensive side. Because of the level of quality and the fact that its one of the most used elipticles, the Precor  is great for commercial use. The space it can save makes it great for home use but because of the price you may want to look elsewhere if its for individual use..

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