Most home gyms tend to take up extra space that may be needed. Here we look at a good portable home gym and how it may fit your needs to have a great workout at home of if you’re on the go.

Brand: Body boss

Product: Portable home gym

When you think of home gym, you think of a large device, but you can also have a great workout without the stack of weights, or only through using body weight as resistance. This can be seen in athletes like gymnasts who use rings. The development in the arms and shoulders are especially noticeable, but you can work out any body part with different forms of resistance. Here are some positive and negative aspects of this home gym.




You can do multiple exercises similar to those done at the gym

Includes a free start up program

It is very lightweight and compact

Can do over 300 exercises

Comes with exercises instructions

Uses a fold up platform to do squats

Includes a warranty





You may want to purchase extra bands for more resistance depending on your strength level

There are many home gyms that you can purchase depending on your personal goals and needs. Most of these home gyms are meant to stay in your home, or others such as this one is portable. The bands that are used are very high concerning resistance as well as very durable. The level of resistance provided and may even assist those that are experienced in resistance training. If you are at a higher level of strength and want a challenge, this  may still be beneficial for you if you don’t want to miss a workout while your away from home.

Overall, when compared to other home gyms, this gym is very versital and offers a good sustainable workout. If your crunched for time or on the go.  If you want a great workout but don’t have time to go to the gym, or not enough funds to purchase a large home gym, this  would be a good choice for you.

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