Finding a good personal gym

There are many pieces of exercise equipment on the market. Concerning  personal home gyms, you have many to choose from. Many of these are for use at home and require a lot of assembly with the use of weight stacks, while others are made for very easy use. Many of the pieces of workout equipment that are made for ease of use offer resistance through the use of body weight. These systems have bands or other rings that are used. Any form of resistance training that can be taken with you on the go is great, especially if you are short on time and need a quick workout to help you stay on track. Here is a good personal gym that you may want to look at.

Brand: OYO

Product: Portable gym 

Although any piece of transportable equipment is great, there is one which is unique in the techniques that it used for resistance, along with the number of multiple uses that it has. This is shown through some tests that have been used to prove it’s effectiveness. Here we will cover the basics of a piece of equipment and the unique features that it offers in comparison to other portable gyms.


This piece resistance equipment uses what is called spiraflex for resistance. Up to twenty-five pounds of resistance is provided. This works all body parts including arms, legs, core, and even stretching such as yoga.


  • Comes with a video of sixty workout programs, along with a 10 week challenge
  • Was used by NASA to assist astronauts from losing bone and muscle mass while in space
  • Coaching application for android or blue tooth users with the PRO model
  • Comes with nutrition guide
  • Exercise wall chart
  • Has a 3 year warrenty


  • Only offers up to 25 pounds of resistance

As mentioned before, there are many home and portable gyms on the market. This includes those that use body weight, as well as bands for resistance. Unfortunately when you use bands for resistance, there are different amounts of tension or resistance throughout the range of movement. When using this system though, you have a continuous amount of resistance all the way through the range of motion, allowing the muscles to activate more.

Overall, this piece of resistance training equipment is unique in that it has continuous resistance and is usable anywhere. It even comes with mounts that can be used for leg exercises. Because this product was researched for its effectiveness with astrounats while they were in space also says that it is very effective in maintaining your strength and mass levels. This is great if you are on the go and are unable to go to the gym. If you need to get a simple workout while on the go, this portable gym provides a good workout at an affordable price.

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