Good no equipment workouts

Normally when you think about exercise or a workout, you think about using machines. There are also many good no equipment workouts.

Although using equipment that is found in a gym is probably the ideal way to get a great workout, there are other options as well. One of these options concerning different workouts includes using ones own body weight.

This would include exercises such as push up, sit ups, and pull ups. These are only a few of many exercises that can give you a great no gym workout at home away from the gym. There are quite a few books on the subject. Here we will cover one of these books and the information that it provides to give you a great workout from home, without having to use a machine. level of flexibility.

Because of the many exercises that can be performed using only body weight resistance, there are numerous workouts that can be done just through changing up the number of exercises per workout, or the exercises performed in each workout. Although most people think that machines are needed for resistance purposes, especially those that always go to the gym, this book shows you how you can maintain your strength and muscle size without having to use the gym. This is great for anyone that has to be away from the gym due to different reasons.


  • You can do up to one hundred different workouts
  • Allows you to stay focused on your workouts
  • Allows you to change your exercises each workout
  • Can be used anywhere whether at home or on the go


  • May not be able to increase your strength similar to using a gym, but you can maintain your current strength level
  • You may not be able to work on specific goals you may have at the gym

Although working out at the gym is ideal to assist in increasing your overall strength and is needed if you have very specific goals, being able to have a quality workout away from the gym is also a great thing. Even if you are a regular at the gym, having a book like this which shows you multiple exercises and workouts you can do to maintain and increase your strength levels is good to have.

Overall, if you are a regular at the gym and have specific strength goals, this book may not help you in reaching these goals, but is a great tool to be used to maintain the strength that you have if you are required to be away from the gym. The number of workouts that this book provides is almost unreliable so it is a great asset for anyone that works out and wants to maintain their size and strength, or for a beginner just starting out.

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