Comparison Of Elipticals

There are many choices when it comes to buying an elliptical  as far as comparison of elipticals, or any aerobic training equipment. Here is one of many good elipticals that are sold. 

Product: Universal E 40 elipticle

Price: $599

Gaurentee: 2 years


The universal e 40 elipticle has a very solid structure. The LCD screen monitors your heart rate as well as distance gone, speed, time, and calories burned during your workout. Its just under 5 feet in length, and two feet in width. It also weighs just under 100 lbs and is easy to move.


The universal e40 elipticle can be used by any individual either just starting to workout, or if your the experienced with workouts. It also enables you to engage in a low impact high cardio workout. This included seven different pre programmed workouts and eight different levels of resistance.


Its also very durable but it does have a lower weight limit of 275 pounds so this may is a factor you should consider before making a purchase.


The price is inexpensive, so anyone can afford it.  The universal elipticle also comes with a warrenty including: Two years for the frame, but only six months for the parts.


The Universal elipticle is great for home or commercial use. The price is very affordable for the individual, but because of the short warrenty, this may not be the best choice for a commercial gym. The weight limit may also be a limiting factor for using it for a commercial gym. Overall the universal elipticle is great for home use so if your looking for a good elipticle for home use, universal may be a good choice.

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