How To Use Adjustable Dumbbells

There are many brands of adjustable dumbbells out on the market. How to use adjustable dumbbells may be confusing because each brand works differently. Here is a brief description of one of the top selling brands. 

Product: Bayou fitness dumbbells
Price: $200 (25 lbs)
Cheapest place to buy: Xmark fitness


X-mark fitness has a set of great quality dumbbells that use a sliding system. They are made of heavy chrome plated steel, and eliminate the need for multiple dumbbells. They’re are larger than the average dumbbell and may seem unusual at first, but also small enough to take with you on a trip. They also come with storage trays to eliminate accidents. Because of the iron plates they can make noise, and are sometimes hard to adjust. - Consistently the Lowest Price!


They can be used for multiple exercises for the entire body and have a maximum weight of 25 lbs per hand. This is great if your looking at a light workout or for beginners, but may not be fit for someone looking to increase their strength.


X-mark dumbbells are made of chrome plated steel which make it very durable. Although this is the case you mat still want to error on the side of caution and not drop them unless you just loose your grip or its too heavy.

Price: The price is good considering the quality and weight of these dumbbells. In comparison to other brands and price per pound its similar if not less expensive.



Gaurentee: The gaurentee is something I would be cautious of, especially if your looking at long term use. The warrenty is only one year, which may be a sign of a lack of surety factor on its’ quality on the manufactures part.

Conclusion: Overall, x mark dumbbells are a great product for someone that is just starting working out but not so much for those looking at strength training. They are also very affordable and easy to use being structurly sound and easy to store. If your just starting with working out, you may want to take a good look at these dumbbells.

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