Where To Find Adjustable Dumbbells

There are many different brands of adjustable dumbbells on the market. Where to find adjustable dumbbells is a question that is common.  Some may be more appropriate for the beginner while others more for the advanced. Here is a brief overview of one of the best brands on the market.

Product: Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells




Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells can go up to a maximum weight of 165 pounds per dumbbell when additional weight is bought. It also includes interlocking screws for adjustments and have no plastic or fragile parts. The fact that your also able to view the weight in either pounds or kilograms is also a plus.


The ironmaster dumbbells come as a pair and can be used to train any body part just like you would at a gym. A negative to these dumbbells is that they are not mobile and you must have a container to store the weight in.


These dumbbells are very heavy duty and safe to drop. Unlike other brands of adjustable dumbbells which are fragile due to the plastic on them. These ironmaster dumbbells on the other hand are made of chrome plated steel and feels like a normal dumbbell.


The ironmaster dumbbells are very affordable for the quality and durability of the product. The price is also very comparable to other brands of adjustable dumbbells.

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These dumbbells are sold either individually or as a set. The stand is sold seperatly and is a little over two feet tall. The set comes in 5-75 pounds with 2.5 pound adjustments. If your strength increases and you need to, there is the option of adding weight up to 165 pounds/hand.


Concerning where to find adjustable dumbbells and which ones to use, the ironmaster dumbbells are great if your looking for an intense workout. Theyre also very durable and can be dropped. If needed they can be replaced due to lifetime gaurentee and it looks and feels like a normal db w makes for easy workouts.

The main negative of these dumbbells is the time it takes having to unscrew the ends and calculate the weight you need. Also if you want to store the plates and keep them out of the way the stand must be bought seperatly. Overall if your looking to find a set of dumbbells that are durable, easy to use, and don’t mind  adjusting the plates and calculating the weight ironmaster quick-lock set is worth a look.

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