There are many types of barbells on the market to choose from. This includes Olympic barbells, powerlifting barbells, and multipurpose barbells. The type of barbell that you buy will depend on your training goals.  If you own a home gym or a public gym, a multipurpose bar is probably your best choice. Here is an overview of a multipurpose barbell that is good for all types of training.

Brand: Fringesport

Product: Hybrid Multipurpose bar

Best place to buy: Fringe Sport

The fringesport multipurpose bar is a standard twenty kilogram bar made of stainless steel. You have two choices when looking at purchasing a barbell concerning structure. All barbells are made from either barrings or bushings. Bars made from barrings are better if a good spin is required on the bar, while bushings are better if you need a more stable barbell.

This bar uses needle barrings which allow for a good spin on the bar. It is also nice because it includes knurling for hand placement for both Olympic lifting, and power lifts. The knurling of the bar are also placed differently than most barbells, so it eliminates any possible shin scrapes you could get from doing deadlifts.


Because this is a multipurpose bar, you can use it for any exercise including all power lifts and olympic lifts. This barbell was made specifically for the experienced individual, so if you’re a beginning lifter, there are many other choices that would better fit your needs. One of the main differences in this bar when compared to your average barbell is the diameter of the bar. The diameter of this barbell is slightly more than the average barbell. This makes it better for lifts requiring a large amount of force at a slower speed, but still allows for a fast and smooth enough spin for Olympic lifting.


When it comes to purchasing a barbell, you want to look closely at the material that is used for the finish on the bar. This affects the durability and life of the barbell. Finishes used include chrome, zinc, and stainless steel. If you live in an area where the environment is humid, you want to look more at one made from chrome or stainless steel because they are much more resistant to this type of environment and require less upkeep. Other materials like zinc are known to peel if exposed to certain conditions. This barbell is made from a chrome finish which resists rusting very well. Only stainless steel is more resistant to this process.


When comparing the fringe sport multipurpose barbell to other similar barbells, the price is probably about average, but is less expensive than other brands. One thing that makes it different is that a lifetime warranty is provided against any defects or over bending of the bar. Other barbell brands may only offer a limited guarantee. This means that if anything goes wrong with the product due to a manufactures defect that you will receive a replacement with no questions asked.


If you’re looking at purchasing a multipurpose barbell for different types of training, you want to consider various factors when doing so. The Fringe sport multipurpose barbell is structurally sound and is durable due to the finish used, so you know it will last if properly used. Also, because of the design and materials used, it is great for any type of lifting from faster Olympic lifts needing a fast spin, to heavier lifts requiring more stability. If you’re an experienced lifter with a base level of strength looking to get stronger in any of the main lifts, the Fringe sport multipurpose bar is a great investment.

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