A squat rack or cage are needed for all gyms. Here we explain some basics of a most durable squat rack and hope to assisting you in your decision on buying a squat rack.

Here is a general description of parts to a basic squat rack or cage that you should know when looking to purchase one.

Frame: Basic structure of the product, and you should look at the dimensions of the frame concerning its height.

Safety Bar: Bar which goes on the inside of a cage between the frame. This is what catches the bar if it is dropped.

J-hooks: These are the hooks that are used either on the inside or outside of the frame to rest the barbell on when you are not using it.

Spotters arm: This is the part of a rack that the weight is under when you step back if you are doing a squat on the outside of the cage.

Here are some positive and negative facts about this piece that anyone would probably look at when thinking of purchasing a squat rack.

Product: Merax barbell rack 550


  • Only 66 inches in height, making it ideal for any small area such as a garage or basement if you are starting a home gym
  • The frame on this rack is your average 2×2 inch steel framing so it should be possible to find additional parts from other retailers if needed.
  • Very affordable when compared to other squat racks on the market
  • There are a total of 13 adjustments that you can make concerning bar placement, allowing you to do multiple exercises
  • There are two weight plate storage bars on the back for storing plates when not in use
  • You are able to dips with this squat rack
  • It’s easy to adjust the height of the rack between exercises
  • The j hooks used are lined, lessening the chance of any damage being done to the barbell


  • Has a weight limit of only 500 pounds
  • The spacing between the holes in this rack is 2 inches apart which may make it challenging to get the bar in the right place
  • The spotters arms are short so you may want to look and see if there are other options available to replace this if you will be working out alone.
  • You will want to use the best shipping option you can find

This squat rack is a good option for anyone wanting to make an addition to their home gym. If you are short on space such as in a garage or basement, this squat rack doesn’t take up as much space as many other pieces of equipment would. Any individual from a beginner to intermediate lifter would benefit from using this rack. The main concern that I would have about this rack may be the need for additional spotters arms. I would use longer arms if I was going to be working out alone, since these would not do too much good when you step out to do a squat.

In conclusion, this rack would be a good option for any garage or basement gym. If you plan on working out alone though, or you can vision yourself having a larger area to workout in at some point, you may want to look at other options such as a squat cage. If you only need a general squat rack to complete your gym though and will have another person to workout with, this rack would be worth looking at.

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