Buying good bumper plates

How are bumper plates different from regular weights you may ask. Bumper plates are made of rubber and absorb shock very well, making them versatile for either Olympic lifts, or general exercises. There are many different brands of bumper plates out on the market. Some sets of bumper plates are geared more towards the competitive side of Olympic lifting while others are much more affordable for home use. Here is a brief overview of one of those brands.

Product: VTX bumper plates

  Troy barbell


The structure of these vtx bumper plates uses full virgin rubber which is more durable than the recycled rubber you see used in other products. Because of the steel inserts used they are more stable when they’re dropped and able to absorb more shock when dropped. Although the plates are black, the weight is color coated, making it easy to tell the weight your using. The density of the plates also allow you to place more weight on the bar as well.


These are great to use for any lift, but specificly for the Olympic lifts, and they are safe to use on any surface. Although any surface is safe, its still suggested that a platform is used. The vtx bumper plates are also affordable and good for home use.


The steel inserts make vtx  bumper plates different and more stable compared to other products. This is due to the lower bounce seen when they are dropped which indicates a good shock absorbancy when coming in contact with the ground.


These are sold individually, as pairs, or as a set. If its being used for a home gym, its probably better to buy as a set, while they would make good replacements for used plates at a commercial gym. The sets go anywhere from two hundred and sixty pounds to three hundred and seventy pounds. Prices are listed below.

$ 493  260 lbs

$ 660   370 lbs

Carries a 1 year warrenty


Overall, these vtx bumper plates are great for use at a gym for training clients for Olympic lifts, or for a home gym. The only thing that’s negative is that before use they have a greasy substance which is very hard to get off. If your looking at high intensity long term use, you may want to look at other products with a longer warrenty since overuse can lead to damaging the plates.

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