There are many brands of bumper plates out on the market today. Some brands are geared more towards competitive lifting, while others are more suited for general use. Whats the best kind of bumper plate ? Some bumper plates are made from solid rubber while others are made from composite. Although they may be more expensive, the ones made from solid rubber are more durable and last longer.

Product: Eleiko Bumper plates
Price: $2344
Best place to buy: Eleikosports

The eleiko bumper plates are color coated and the weights go from 25 pounds up to 55 pounds. The plates also have lock jaw collars which help with stability. They’re made in the united states and are made from the best material of virgin rubber. there is also a minimum amount of friction between the weight and bar, making for a smooth lift.

The eleiko bumper plates are great for use in a personal home gym but is probably better suited for a commercial gym or athletic facility. The eleiko bumper plates are also the only plates used during the Olympic games which says a loconcerning its’ quality.


Concerning the durability, eleiko plates have a very low bounce and is great to absorb shock when dropped. Also, studies have been done which show they can be dropped over 3000 times without damage.

The eleiko plates are definantly on the pricy side when you compare their sets to the many other options. These sets include the bar as well as the collars. One set of plates  is $ 2,344

Whats the best kind of bumper plate ? The eleiko brand bumper plates which are made of high quality rubber are among the best bumper plates made. The price  for the quality of these plates, along with the warrenty is well worth it. Concerning overall price for sets though you will probably want to look elsewhere for a similar quality set at a lower price if its for personal use.

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