Best Brand Of Adjustable Dumbbells

There are a number of adjustable dumbbells that are out on the market. They each work differently and are great for home use. You may ask: Whats the best brand of  adjustable dumbbells for me ? Here is a brief overview of one of the original brands.

Product: Power-Block Dumbbells Urethane Series

(Elite 90 Lb dumbbell set)


This series is very sturdy and can withstand a drop on the floor, or can even be used to hold while doing push-ups. Because of the difference in shape compared to a normal dumbbell, it may take some time to adjust to, but the shape makes it easier to sit them on the floor.


Power-blocks are color coded which allows you to easily know the amount of weight you are using. They also adjust quickly and easily compared to some other brands that involves using screws which takes a little time. These use levers in comparison to dials or knobs.


If you aren’t concerned with using a stand, they are easy to use anywhere you may be, from your apartment, to anywhere you may be going. This is a plus since it allows you to get a decent workout when there may not be a gym around where your going. The quickness of weight adjustability is also a plus in comparison to other sets which take time. This is great if you’re doing compound sets.

Price: The price on this  series varies depending on how much weight you need to use. There are three sets within this series, These are :

U33: Max weight 35lbs

U70: Max weight 70 lbs

U90: Max weight: 125 lbs

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This series is sold as a set including a stand and bench as well. If you want the full series with the maximum amount of weight, I suggest getting the full set with the stand, and purchasing a bench elsewhere, since you can find a bench for under a hundred dollars.

Power-block is one of the leading companies in the industry, and unlike other products, power-block is made in the USA. They also offers the best warrenty on their product in comparison to other comparable products on the market. This series ,the Urethane offers a lifetime warrenty.

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Conclusion: Other than being oddly shaped and a very small difference in accuracy of weight, power-block dumbbells is a best brand of adjustable dumbbells. It’s great buy for the quality along with the lifetime gaurentee. They’re easy and quickly adjustable without having to remove weights are great. These are especially good if your short on funds since you have the option of expansion kits. Overall this series of dumbbells is worth the price.

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