Adjustable Weights Dumbbells

There are many different brands of adjustable weights in the form of dumbbells. These dumbbells make for great use if you are designing a home gym and want to save space. Here is an overview of one of the top selling brands.

Product: Bowflex adjustable dumbbells
Price: $600
Cheapest place to buy:


Structure: These bowflex  dumbbells are very sturdy and are shaped like a normal dumbbell which fit comfortably into the hand. Bowflex makes many products and is a leader in the field. The dumbbells are very stylish and adjusted by a turn dial on the end of the dumbbell. Although you are able to easily adjust them, they shouldn’t be dropped due to plastic on the ends which can easily break.


They can be used for both upper and lower body exercises and even comes with an instructional dvd concerning exercises you can do with them. They also come with a stand which allows you to easily store them. A great feature included allows you to program your workout it into your I phone and it keeps track of the sets, reps, and weight that is used.


These are durable  and good for long term use. The main thing you should watch is dropping them on the ends due to possibly breaking because of the plastic they’re made from. These also come in pairs and will go up to 55 pounds in 5 pound incriments.  This is great for the beginner, but if you need to use more weight, this may not be for you.


Bowflex dumbbells may be a little bit on the pricy side for a lot of people, but are well worth the price. Although you can pay in full if you’d like, you also have the option of applying for their payment plan. They also include a two year warrenty on all of their products.


Overall, these bowflex dumbbells are very high quality and made by a very respected company in the field. They’re very easy to adjust and can be done quickly not requiring a lot of time. The only thing I would error on the side of caution is the ends where you adjust them being fragile. If your just starting working out I would look into this product but it may not be the best if your looking for heavier weight.

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