Finding good stationary bikes

There are many different stationary bikes on the market. Each of these bikes claim to have something unique about it. Finding good stationary bikes can be a confusing. Here is a brief overview of a best selling stationary bikes for a great price.

Product: Lifecore Stationary Bike


The lifecore is made of high quality grade steel and is very easy to move since it weighs just under a hundred pounds. The lifecore is also designed by some of the best athletes and coaches, and is used for very hard training sessions or can even be used for rehab purposes.


The lifecore bike can be used by anyone of any fitness level and is great for commercial or home use. The resistance used is air resistance, so the harder you pedal, the higher the intensity. It also has a LED screen and can program internal training for the individuals’ workout. Calories burned, heart rate, distance, as well as time are also monitored.


It has industrial powder coating to increase durability, as well as twenty cartridge bearings. Another positive aspect is that there is no weight limit, so regardless of weight, anyone can use it.


The Lifecore assault bike comes with a high price tag. This may not be right for the individual concerning the price. The main reason behind the price is due to the many statistics that it monitors, as well as  it being designed for athletic training, rehabilitation, and very high intensity workouts.

Warrenty: Valid only when purchased through manufacturer

Frame:  lifetime warrenty

Parts : 4 years


This lifecore stationary bike can be trusted to endure extended use. Because of the higher price,its made more for use by athletes and  rehab purposes, but the solid warrenty justifies the price. The high durable design for workout resistance and programs also make it very unique.  If your starting a gym, training athletes, or doing rehabilitation from injury, the assault bike may by lifecore fitness may be right for you.

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