Good home weight benches

Here we will look at one of the good home weight benches that are sold to use with free weights. This bench comes with places to store your weight, along with other features.  We will cover the basics of this bench and weather or not it may be right for you.


Product: Marcy Olympic Weight Bench


This bench is easy to put together with you needing only the basic tools to do so.  This bench is also made from a high quality steel construction and is durable.

Allows for numerous exercises including the abdominal muscles, leg extensions, as well as preacher curls which gives you four different positions.

You are also able to lock the leg extension feature, giving you support to put your feet under when using the preacher curl pad.

The seat is also adjustable to five different sliding positions, giving you the ability to do either flat or incline bench, as well as two positions for the squat rack.

The bench will also hold up to 600 pounds, and is easy to move on any surface



Can be somewhat unstable.

Also, as with all products, there is the possibility of recieving it somewhat damaged.

Limited  range of motion while doing preacher curls.

Because this bench will only adjust so far up concerning incline, it may not allow you to do an exercise such as a seated shoulder press which requires the bench to be strait up.

Will not hold more than 600 pounds

Overall, this bench is good for anyone just starting out with a home gym of average strength. The only concerns I may have would be a possible instability of the bench, but this may be able to be fixed through tightening parts. I would not suggest purchasing this bench to anyone looking at increasing their strength and working out alone, due to both the squat and bench not having a safety bar.  Anyone who has a training partner to spot you, it would be fine to use. Except for the minor structural features mentioned, this bench is good for anyone with a training partner that is starting a home gym.


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