If you’re thinking about starting a gym, whether it is a home gym, or a commercial gym, a main factor is the design and floor layout. There are many gym floor designs that are available. The type of floor design that you choose should depend on different factors such as the type of gym it is, exercises that will be performed, and equipment that will be used.

The majority of gyms that you see have an aerobic area to use, a room for a fitness class, and the main floor where you focus on resistance training. Here we will look at different designs that can be used concerning the resistance training portion of the floor. A big difference in the design chosen could be the population that will be using the facility as well. If the general public will be using the gym, the design would be much different from if it is meant for the athletic population.

Health and wellness

A public gym that is used for general health and wellness has a much more basic layout than one used either by an individual, or for the athletic population. Here are some general ideas for a good design.

Fitness Center

Athletic performance

These types of gyms are specialty gyms. Unless the individual is in good shape and at a higher level of fitness, the average person may not need to use a gym like this. Although in many cases, things like cross fit classes are provided even for the beginner level. Individuals at these gyms train for athletic events and fitness competition.

Performance Gym

Athletic population

Home gyms


A garage gym probably has more equipment than other home gyms such as an apartment gym. This will depend on the size of the garage though and whether that is its main purpose.


The apartment gym is the most basic type of home gym. This limits you to specific exercises that you may or may not be able to perform. There is also a very limited amount of space available. Here are some basic layouts of apartment gyms that may be of interest to you.


A basement gym gives you the most space of any home gym, and therefore, the most complete gym. You can use any equipment in a basement gym depending on the size. It is much more optimal to use a completed and livable basement than using one that is not yet complete. Here are some general basement gym designs.

Home gyms


The types of gyms previously mentioned are all effective and productive. The type of gym you decide to use should depend on your health and fitness goals. If you’re looking at starting a home gym, finances and one’s budget also may come into play. After looking at these designs for different types of gyms, you should have a basic idea of what may be the best option when starting your business or personal gym.

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