Most individuals probably have no preference as to how the layout of a home gym is if they are the only ones that will be using it. If more than one individual will be using a home gym, and it is of a larger size with lots of equipment, having a rough idea of the design may be needed. There are different services as well as programs that are offered for this. Here is some gym design software that allows you to design a home gym to meet your needs at no cost to you.

Product: 3D Gym Design

Most of the time when you think of gym design, this requires a professional to assist you, but when you are designing your own home gym, you can design it specifically for your needs depending on the type of workouts you will be performing. The 3D gym design is a form of software that will work on either a pc for windows or mac. The program is free, you must only register and start an account. Although you are required to be online initially, you are able to work offline when using the program.

After you download the software, a tutorial is given on how to use it. Although there are minimum features that are provided, it is enough to have a general design and setup that you would like.



Free to download

Can be used on any device

Able to add equipment and get quote

Can move items to the exact position


No professional advice

Meant for Gymnastic Facilities

The majority of services you find concerning gym design require payment for service, and you’re not able to work on it alone. Here while using this program, you are allowed to use your own personal design without having to pay for any service. Since it is only for the design of a home gym, you as an individual probably knows what’s best for your needs.

Although there are other services and programs that can be used to design different types of rooms, the 3d gym design software is the only one found that is made specifically for gyms. This is reccomend this for any individual starting a home gym that needs a general idea of what they would like their gym to look like.

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