There are so many home gyms, that it is hard to know where to start. Most home gyms tend to take up extra space that may be needed, while others are more space efficient. Here we look at a basic home gym and how it may fit your needs to have a great workout at home.

Brand: Marcy

Product: 150 lb multifunctional home gym

This home gym is very durable and convenient for home use. Most home gyms which come disassembled are very complex and complicated to put together. This home gym comes with a simple set of instructions which will help the process of assembling it for use. You also always have the option of finding a local business that may help you with the process. Every home gym that you see has both positive and negative aspects to it. Here are some pros and cons concerning the use of this home gym.



Includes a payment plan

Very sturdy and durable

Customized safety lock to avoid possible injuries when not in use

Convenient for home use

Can perform over 30 exercises

Assembly instructions included



Leg curl pad

Preacher curl pad



Limited to 150 pounds on weight stack

No assistance in hauling into house ?

Shipping weight is 273 pounds

Since there are over thirty exercises that can be performed with this home gym, it will work both upper and lower body, giving you a full body workout. This also makes it easy to design your workouts knowing what exercises are available. Also, concerning prices this home gym is very comparable to other gyms which may not even include as many aspects to it.

When looking at finding a great home gym, the overall quality, structure, and durability of this home gym make it a good piece of equipment for any beginner or somewhat advanced.

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