There are many types of barbell on the market to choose from. The type of barbell that you buy will depend on your training goals, the environment that it is being used in, and the number of individuals that will be using it. Types of barbells include those for powerlifting, olympic lifting, multipurpose, and training bars. Each bar is made of different materials which will affect the strength and durability of the bar. Here is one of many good training barbells that you may want to consider.

Brand: American Barbell

Product: Training Barbell

The Best place to buy: American Barbell


This training barbell is made of alloy steel which gives it a good tensile strength. It also has a very high quality chrome finish which gives it a good grip strength as well. Because it is made from bushings, it is better to use on slower and heavier lifts like a bench press or deadlift, but does have enough spin and whip to use for training the olympic lifts as well. The chrome finish also protects from erosion better than some other finishes that can be used.



This bar is good to use for any training application. This includes if you are a beginner or an experienced lifter. It is good for powerlifting exercises such as the deadlift, bench press or squat, olympic lifts, or general exercises as well. If you are running a commercial gym or individually owned gym, this bar may not be the best choice. Due to multiple individuals using the bar, this decreases its’ lifespan more than if only one individual were using it. Because the material is not as durable as other types, you may want to look at other choices. Any individual just beginning your workouts or if you’re experienced with weightlifting or powerlifting exercises, this barbell is a good choice for you.


The durability of the American Barbell training bar is strong when compared to other brands of barbells. Polished chrome is used as a finished on the bar, so this may require a little more upkeep than other types of bars. The chrome finish does add for durability, but not as much as other finishes that are used. There is also a good tightness between the barbell and plates, allowing for very little plate movement which keeps it safe and secure.


The price is reasnable when compared to other similar barbells on the market. Because this is a basic training bar and not a specialty bar like those for weightlifting or powerlifting, the price is going to be less. There is also a limited warranty for this barbell though, which may be one reason for the price being lower.


The American barbell training bar is made from bushings which make it good to use for very heavy lifting, but it also has enough spin and whip to use for Olympic lifting as well. It is good for anyone from a beginner, to your experienced athlete. The structure also gives it a good level of durability, but because of a chrome finish being used, it may require more upkeep.. This barbell can be used at any commercial or individually owned gym, but due to a limited warranty, you may want to look at other options. This barbell is a good investment though for any individual starting a home gym looking for something affordable and good quality.

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