If you’re looking for a good stationary bike, there are many choices available. This can be anything from your average stationary bike to a much more highly technical device. With technology evolving, there are many new features that are offered on stationary bikes that are sold today. Here is one of many available bikes that provides for a great workout in helping you reach your fitness goals.

Product: Nordic Trac S22i bike

This nordc trac training bike offers numerous features giving you a very effective workout in a short period. Just as with other bikes, it offers a digital screen which has interactive coaching. This coaching can be from a live class, or you can choose from numerous workouts that are in the library that is provided. A nice feature about this bike is that the workouts provided are good for anyone from the beginner, to the advanced trained individual. This includes various types of cross training.

Another unique feature of this bike is that you are able to design your own workout through choosing specific terrains and the use of a google map. This means that you can literally train anywhere. You are also able to track your stats concerning the training, and it will hold a total of four separate profiles.


Provides live online classes

A library of numerous workouts is provided

Has 24 levels of resistance

Seat adjusts vertically and horizontally

The grade of the ride will adjust up to 20 degrees incline or 10 degrees decline.


Internet, WiFi, and an i fit membership are required

Higher priced than an average bike

10 year warranty for the frame

Using the Nordic trac s22i training bike will give you a very high quality workout regardless of what your level of fitness is. Because you have the choice of a virtual online class, or a library of numerous workouts, you’ll never run out of choices concerning what workout to choose. Since an adjustment of incline or decline is included, you could train on a mountain trail one day, and then do a road race the next day. Being able to choose your own individualized workouts, while keeping track of the statistics such as distance and time, as well as heart rate and other aspects of training is very valuable as well.

If you enjoy training on a bike but can’t go out because of the weather, a stationary bike is a good choice. This stationary bike is unique in the workouts programmed in, along with virtual training provided. Being able to adjust the degree of incline to fit your training needs, along with up to twenty-four levels of resistance makes this bike ideal for beginners and highly trained individuals. If you’re looking for a training bike that can keep records of and track your progress while providing unlimited workouts, along with virtual training, this bike is a good choice for you.

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