There are many types of barbell on the market to choose from including olympic barbells, powerlifting barbells, multipurpose barbells, and technique barbells.

The type of barbell that you buy will depend on your training goals. Here we look at a good powerlifting barbell for training with heavy lifts, specifically for squats, deadlifts, and bench press. This barbell should be considered if you’re training for powerlifting, or for general training workouts.

Brand: American Barbell


Product: Power bar


Best place to buy: American Barbell



The structure of this bar is made from a solid steel shaft. The bar is also very flexible which makes it good for heavy lifting.  When it comes to structure of a barbell, either bearings or bushings are used. Bushings are better if you are going to be doing slower lifts, while bearings are good for faster lifts such as the clean & jerk or snatch. This barbell uses bushings and weighs twenty kilograms. The shaft of the bar is also made of solid chrome. This helps in decreasing the chances of corrosion of the bar when compared to other finishes that are used.

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The American Barbell power bar was made specifically for power lifts like the squat, bench press, or deadlift, but you can use it for other basic exercises as well. Because of its’ stucture, this allows little bend or rotation to the bar. This is what makes it good for heavy lifts. Because it has very little if no rotation to the bar, you wouldn’t want to purchase it if you will be doing lifts like the clean and jerk or snatch.  For these lifts, you want either a barbell specifically made for the lifts, or a multipurpose barbell. If you are planning on doing only your basic lifts though, this barbell is a good choice.


The durability of a barbell is something that should be carefully looked at, especially if the barbell is going to be used in a commercial setting with multiple users. This barbell can withstand very high and heavy drops. Because of the tightness of the sleeves next to the weights, this allows for a secure positioning of the weight plates when dropped. It has also been tested for tensile strength which is the amount of pressure needed for the ends to break. The tensile strength of this bar is 190 thousand pounds and can handle even the heaviest lifts.


The price  is similar to other bars that are for the same use. For the level of quality this barbell has, the price is very affordable when compared to other barbells. The fact that this product comes with a lifetime warrenty also speaks to the confidence the manufacturer has concerning the life of the bar. If for any reason other than abuse the bar breaks, a replacement bar will be available. This is only for the individual that purchases the bar though.


Because this bar is made from very durable material, it will last a lifetime if used correctly. Because of the minimal spin that the bar is allowed, along with a tight fit between the shaft and weights, it’s ideal for any type of heavy lifting. This includes any power lifts, as well as general exercises. If you are looking at doing cleans or snatches though, this bar isn’t reccomended. Also, the nice chrome finish to this bar allows for minimum maintaince and is less likely to become corroded than it would if made from other materials. If you need a barbell for heavy lifting with general exercises or for power lifting, this bar is affordable and if taken care of will last a lifetime.

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