There are many types of barbell on the market to choose from. This includes Olympic barbells, powerlifting barbells, and multipurpose barbells. The type of barbell that you buy will depend on your training goals.

Multi purpose bars are best for gyms where many individuals will use them since both Olympic lifts and slower lifts are done, while an Olympic bar or power lifting bar may be better for the individual training solely for that purpose. If you’re looking to train for lifts like squats or deadlifts, here is a good power barbell that is made specifically for this type of slow very heavy lifting.

Brand: Fringe Sports

Product:  Power Barbell

The Best place to buy: FringeSport


The structure of this barbell, was made specifically for power lifts, so it has a deep shaft which eliminates all whip and spin. This is different from most barbells that you see which have both some stability but spin to them as well. The grip on this bar is deep so it is good for anything like a deadlift where you need very good grip strength, and the knurl on the bar is aggressive but will not scrape the hand overly bad. The power barbell is also made of bushings which is part of what helps in eliminating the spin of the bar. The bar also has a nice chrome finish to it which helps with maintaince of the bar.


The power bar is made specifically for that, power lifting exercise like the squat, bench press, and deadlift where a very high amount of weight is used. The amount of weight used is why the bar is very stable and has little to no spin to it. This bar is also approved by the international powerlifting federation and can be used in powerlifting competition. This bar should not be used if you plan on any type of lifts requiring a spin to the bar like cleans or snatches, but if you’re looking to train for power lifts or any other basic exercise, this bar will fit your needs.


Because of the steel this barbell is made of, it is very durable and can withstand up to twenty-two hundred pounds of force. Because of the bushings that it is made from, it requires very little to no maintaince. The bar also has a very nice chrome finish which makes it corrosion resistant. Out of the many finishes that can be used on barbells, chrome is one of the best because of the resistance to rust.


The Fringe power bar is very affordable when you compare it to other high end brand bars. Many times you’ll find barbells in the six to seven hundred price range which would be more for commercial purchase. The fringe power bar is very affordable for any individual. Because of the materials its made from and its’ durability, there is a lifetime guarantee. This says a lot about Fringe Sports and how they stand behind their product so if anything goes wrong or breaks, you will be assured a replacement is provided.

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Choosing the correct type of bar is not an easy task. If you’re looking into starting a home gym, you’ll want something of good quality but affordable. The power bar made by Fringe Sports is a good investment for any private gym, or individual starting their own home gym. Also, because of the structure of the bar it is durable and is guaranteed a lifetime warranty. If you are specifically planning on training for very heavy lifts like the deadlift or squat, this bar is a good investment for the individual.

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