There are many types of barbell on the market to choose from. This includes olympic barbells, power lifting barbells, and multipurpose barbells. The type of barbell that you buy will depend on your training goals. Multi purpose bars are best for gyms where many individuals will use them since both Olympic lifts and slower lifts are done.

Good olympic barbells are made specifically for olympic lifts. Many Olympic barbells you find are very highly priced due to their specific structure and make, but you can also find some that are of just as high quality, at a more affordable price. If you’re training for Olympic lifts or lifting in general and want something affordable, this Olympic barbell is.

Brand: Fringe Sports

Product: Olympic Weightlifting Barbell

The Best place to buy: FringeSport


The structure of this weightlifting barbell is very strong. It is made from steel and uses needle barrings. When looking at barbells you should consider what materials are used concerning either barrings or bushings. If a barbell uses more barrings, it is better for faster lifts requiring rotation of the bar, while bushings are better for heavier lifts where minimum bar movement is needed. Because of the needle bearings, this give the bar a good spin and whip for Olympic lifting. This barbell also has rings properly placed to know where to put your hands when doing snatches or cleans, which makes it much easier to do these lifts when compared to a general barbell.


When it comes to usage of this barbell, you can use it for either general exercises with moderate weight, or olympic lifts. Because this bar has more spin, it is better to use for lighter and faster lifts as opposed to very heavy lifts which require more stability to the bar. It is approved by the international weightlifting federation and can be used for training or competition. If you’re looking for a quality bar to train for olympic lifts or general moderate weight lifts, the Olympic weightlifting bar will meet these requirements.


When considering a barbell, the main factor you probably want to consider is the durability of the bar and its strength. This olympic barbell is made with very high tensile strength. It is made to withstand twenty-two hundred pounds of resistance, so you know it will probably never break if used properly. As mentioned before, the chrome finished that is used is much stronger than other finishes, so this provides for protection against any rust or corrosion that could happen. Because of this, little maintaince is required as well.


Although some barbells that are of higher quality are much more expensive, this is not always the case. The Fringe Sports Olympic weightlifting barbell is similar in price to some barbells, and less than others. Just because a product costs more doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s higher quality. This barbell is made with quality for competition, but at a price of a bar for training. It also comes with a one-year return policy as well as free shipping. There is also a lifetime warranty as well, which covers any breaking due to manufactures defects.


When considering what barbell is best to use for your training, you should look at factors such as the type of training you will be doing, the price, as well as the materials the bar is made of. The Fringe Sport Olympic barbell is made for just that, Olympic weightlifting. With the barrings it has, this requires a smooth rotation for cleans and snatches, and is approved for competition by the international weightlifting federation. If you don’t focus solely on Olympic lifting there are other multipurpose barbells on the market that may work and are less expensive. These would be better for your average gym where different lifts are done. If you’re an individual starting a home gym that wants to focus on Olympic lifting or own a gym where Olympic lifting is performed a lot, this barbell is a good choice for you.

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