Good Multipurpose Barbells

There are many types of barbell on the market to choose from. This includes Olympic barbells, power-lifting barbells, and multipurpose barbells. The type of barbell that you buy will depend on your training goals, volume of use, price, and barbell structure. For most commercial or privately owned gyms, a multipurpose bar is your best choice. Here is one of many good multipurpose barbells that should be looked at if you’re looking for a quality barbell at an affordable price.


Brand: Rogue


Product: Ohio Barbell


The Best place to buy: Rogue Fitness



This barbell is made of alloy stainless steel and is very strong. It also has a very smooth finish, and you can choose which finish may be best for you. The sleeve is very smooth when it comes to rotation of the barbell, but it is also very flexible and strong, allowing a high resistance to be used. The finishes that can be used include: black oxide, zinc, stainless steel, or other types of finishes. The type of finish you choose should depend on the volume of usage of the bar, types of lifts that will be being performed, and the environment it will be used in. Stainless steel requires the least amount of maintaince so this is recommended for a commercial or individually owned gym.



Concerning the uses for this barbell, it is a multipurpose barbell, and can be used for very heavy lifting which requires very little rotation of the bar, but it also has enough rotation to be used for multiple lifts. This makes it good for training power lifts like the squat or deadlift which require slow movements, or olympic lifts which require faster movements. You can also do general exercises with this barbell as well. This makes it great for any individually owned or commercial gym that has multiple users. It is also great for home use by any individual looking to start a  home gym.



The durability of a barbell depends on different factors. Two of these are that of tensile strength, and the type of finish that is used on the bar. Tensile strength has nothing to do directly with lifting although it is an important aspect to look at. Tensile strength is the tension needed for the ends of the barbell that hold the weight to break off from bar. The finish used on the bar will determine much of its durability as well. A stainless steel finish requires the least amount of upkeep, as well as good flexibility and sleeve spin, so it would be suited for a commercial gym. The type of finish chosen should depend on your training goals and frequency of usage.



This barbell is very reasonably priced when you compare it to other barbells on the market. Because it is a multipurpose bar and can be used for any type of lift and you have your choice of the design used make it a great choice for any  gym. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so if it ever bends or breaks for reasons other than abuse, a replacement will be provided.



The Rogue Ohio barbell is great for any type of usage whether it is for very heavy power lifts which require stability and strength, olympic lifts requiring a spin on the bar, or just your general exercises. The material that this bar is made from is high quality steel and has been tested for strength and durability. Having the choice of the type of finish you wish to use is also an important factor. This option is usually not offered with any other brand of product. Because of the high quality of this product, along with a lifetime guarantee against bending or breaking, the Ohio barbell is a good choice for any home, privately owned, or commercial gym.

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