Finding good home gym equipment

There are many different pieces of exercise equipment on the market. Finding good home gym equipment can be confusing. Concerning strength and conditioning, you have the choice of using either free weights, or a machine with weight stacks. If you are someone that is either experienced in resistance training, or someone just starting out and wanting to increasing your strength, it is best if you choose using free weights since machines will only go up so far in weight. If you are the average individual who wants to maintain their strength or someone younger wanting to workout, a weight stack machine would work good. Here we will cover some aspects of a piece of good home gym equipment and what it has to offer you concerning your strength training.

Brand: Golds Gym

Product: Gym System


  • Assembly instructions are included
  • Exercises like the preacher curl, lat pulldown, and rows are included
  • Great for any beginner
  • The seat is well padded
  • Exercise charts are included


  • Should use the best form of shipping to avoid possible damage
  • Comes in seprate packages which could allow for missing parts
  • Not well suited for the experienced lifter since it only goes up to 125 pounds
  • Weight limit of 300 pounds
  • Seat is not adjustable

Overall, this piece of equipment is great for anyone that is just beginning weight training and can not go to the gym or just wants to maintain their current level of strength and are of average size. Because of the limitations that it has, If you are on the taller or heavier side you may want to look at another product.  Besides this, this is a great home gym for anyone just starting out.

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