Good multi purpose home gym

There are many pieces of exercise equipment on the market. If you’re looking to purchase a good multi purpose home gym, you should do so only if you want to maintain your level of strength or are just starting out.

Weider 2180 Home gym


If you are just starting with your training and have no experience, it may be a good idea to use a pre assembled gym that has all the basic exercises that are needed. If you know that you plan on increasing your strength and are going to be serious about working out, you should purchase one which is not too expensive. This way when you are ready to start a home gym with individual pieces of equipment, you will not have spent too much money initially.


There are many home gyms on the market today that you can try. Each home gym is different in its own way. This includes the exercises that are available, as well as the form of resistance. Most machines use weight stacks as resistance, while others use free weights, and even rods for resistance. Here we will go over one piece which uses a general weight stack for resistance.



This gym has fairly easy to understand assembly instructions and is not too hard to put together. Although one person can do this, it is probably the best if at least two people are involved.

  • Able to work all body parts
  • Assembly is offered but costs extra
  • Shows a picture diagram for assembly
  • If you do have assembly issues, you can always use YouTube videos to help
  • Good customer service



  • The weights that are provided are not very high quality
  • Shipping may take a while and you must schedule a pick up
  • The length of the cables can make it hard to know where to place them
  • Seat can not be adjusted which may make one of a certain height feel uncomfortable
  • Parts are not labled



If I was looking at purchasing a home gym, this specific one may not be my first choice. One of the main questions I may have is the lack of things being adjustable. This puts a major limitation on exercises that can be performed depending on the individuals’ height. Although there were many negatives concerning assembly, I wouldn’t be too concerned about this since you could always call customer service or find a YouTube video to help you out.


Overall, this home gym is goodsince it covers all the major muscle groups. You can also get a good workout because it goes up to just over 200 pounds. If you know that you are serious about your workouts and will want to use free weights later on, this is a good piece to start out with.


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