Finding A Good Powerlifting Barbell

When it comes to choosing the type of barbell to use for either your personal gym, an individually owned, or commercial gym, there are different factors you should consider. This includes the type of barbell, the material it is made from, and the amount of use it will recieve. There are three main types of barbells made. This includes powerlifting barbells, olympic lifting barbells, or a multi purpose barbell which can be used for any type of lifting. Here we look at finding a good powerlifting barbell that can withstand very high levels of weight used. These type of barbells are good for any very heavy lifting.



Product:  Grizzly Power Barbell

Best place to buy: American Barbell

Guarantee: Limited Warrenty




The grizzly power barbell  is made from alloy steel and uses classic sleeves and shaft both made from chrome. It also has a center knarl which makes it good for doing squats. The bar weighs 20 kg and uses bushings as opposed to bearings. This makes it ideal for very heavy lifting that requires little bar movement. Very little bend or flexibility is allowed which gives it good tensile strength and will stand up to any very heavy lifting.

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The main purpose of using this bar is for power lifts that require very high levels of resistance. Because very little rotation of the sleeve or flexibility is allowed, this makes it ideal for very heavy lifting. There is some rotation though with the bar sleeve which means you can use it for olmpic lifts, it’s just not ideal for these type of lifts. It is more suited for general lifts, and powerlifting exercises requiring a lot of weight.



This barbell is very durable, but because it is made from chrome, there is more  upkeep and maintance that is needed.  You should be sure not to store this bar on any other metal which can damage the finish and knurling, decreasing its’ lifespan. Using j hooks to store it on is ideal.  Also, the bearings should be lubricated in order to keep it functioning properly. The amount of maintance needed will depend on the amount of usage, and the environment in which it is kept in. Due to there being multiple users if it is used at a indivually owned or commercial gym, this will decrease its lifespan much faster than when used by only one individual.


The pricing is very affordable when you look at what it provides. There is a warrenty included but it is limited so you should consider the amount of use this barbell will be getting. If it is going to be used by multiple individuals in a commercial or private gym setting, it may not be ideal due to the limited warrenty provided. Although other bars may cost more, it may pay off long term to look at other options.



If you’re looking for a barbell to use for heavy lifting such as bench press or deadlifts, this barbell is a good option to look at. Because of its high tensile strength, along with the lack of flexibility or bend, this makes it ideal for any heavy lifting. This barbell can also be used for olympic lifts, but is primarily for heavy lifting. Because of the higher level of maintince needed, as well as the limited warrenty, this bar may not be the best for an individually owned or commercial gym. If you’re an individual starting your own home gym though and will be using heavy weights, this bar is a good option to consider.

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