When it comes to starting a home gym, many things should be considered. This includes the equipment needed, as well as the design of the gym. If it is a small gym like a garage gym, you probably don’t have many options concerning design, but if you are starting a basement or apartment gym, design should probably be considered more. This is especially true if more than one individual will be using the equipment. A general layout is easy, but it may be challenging if you are training for specific goals in mind. Here is a service that offers a general product that can be used for an easy home gym design.

Product: Fitness facility design

The program offered here is probably geared more towards commercial design, but can be used for other designs as well. You are able to use drawing tools in order to create any type of design that you may need. You can either start from scratch, or use an existing drawing you may already have.


With this program, you are also able to analyze the layout in 3D form and see what the finished product will look like. Because it is meant more for commercial purposes, a year subscription is required. If you are an individual that has a general idea of the design they may want, a subscription for a shorter period of three months is offered. For this you will receive an unlimited number of projects, free 3D models, a walk through video, as well as an online training course.


High quality service

Software for design of any type gym

Free 30 day trial offered

Able to see things in 3D

Quick revisions and layouts

Sarms, Muscle Builders, Cutting


A Subscription is required

Minimum of three months subscription

Better used for commercial purposes

This program is one of many available for designing facilities. Because this requires a subscription, it may be more suited for a business as opposed to the individual. If you are an individual that needs assistance in designing their own gym and know others that need help, the choice given for three months may be a good option.

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