Uses for adjustable dumbbells

There are many different exercises you can do for different parts of the body including: back, arms, chest, shoulders, and legs. Dumbbells are also good to help in increasing your strength in certain areas, because most people are stronger on one side.


Although you can use a full dumbbell set for home use, it is much more practicle to use adjustable dumbbells when working out at home. There are many different brands of adjustable dumbbells sold. These are all high quality and are a reasonable price.


Price comparison

Even though they are different in shape than a normal dumbbell, I prefer power-block compared to other brands because:

1 Your able to buy more weight as you need it. This means that if you don’t have enough money to buy the full set, you could buy less which is less expensive, and buy more weight as you get stronger.

2. They offer a lifetime warrenty compared to some other brands warrenty which are only a few years.

Although you think of using adjustable dumbbells at home, they can also be used at commercial gyms or athletic training facilities because they save space. From many reviews for each of these products, they are all of good quality.
You have the choice of purchasing these through the manufactuerer which means it is brand new, but you can also find them other places as well like e bay and many retailers.

Here are some of the many brands of adjustable dumbbells available



Total Weight


 Shipping included ?


Power Block

$ 956

125 Lb/hand

$ 3.82/Lb




$ 600

90 Lb/hand

$ 3.33/Lb


2 years


$ 933

120 Lb/hand w expantion kit

$ 3.88/Lb



Bayou Fitness

$ 302

50 Lb/hand

$ 3.00/Lb


1 year


$ 294

50 Lb/hand

$ 2.94/Lb


1 year