There are many factors involved when deciding how to go about designing a floor plan. Although you have the option of doing this by hand, there are many types of software on the market that are for this purpose.

Many of these programs come in 3D or even 4D which allows you to be very specific concerning measurements. If you only want to design something simple, there are many programs that are free. These are specificity made for gym design. A general description of each along with a link to the site is provided.


Ec Design

This software is good for any type of gym design. This includes your basic commercial gym, as well as those specific to things such as boxing, cross fit, or many of the other very specific types of training. This may include: Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, functional strongman training, or other designs as well. The main thing about this software is that it is meant more for a commercial gym and is not the best for a home gym.


  • Free 30 day trial
  • Good for multiple gym types
  • Drawing boards
  • Numerous modles
  • Meant for commercial use
  • Not free


3D Gym Design

This program is very simple concerning the design of any type of gym. It also comes in multiple versions or gives you different choices. These include either a free web version, or a software version. This would be my first choice if I was designing a home gym. 


  • Very Accurate
  • Real Quotes
  • Drag and Drop
  • Multiple video tutorials


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Rogue Fitness Zeuse-Gym Builder

Rogue fitness is a leading manufacturer when it comes to exercise equipment. This includes both machines and free weights. The design program that they provide is specific to rogue fitness equipment, but other brands could be used if needed. 


  • It’s very interactive
  • Custom 3D design can be used



Cybex is one of the leading brands concerning exercise equipment. This site is specifically for designing a gym where cybex equipment is used. Although this is the case, this could still be used as a basic design planner if other brands of equipment are going to be used. You would only want to check and differences in the measurements of the equipment.




Lifefitness is one of the leading manufactures of aerobic and cardio equipment. If you’re looking at designing a gym specifically to aerobic training, this may be a good choice for you.

  • Use any lifefitness equipment
  • Other brands could be substituted, while this just be used as a basic planner
  • Choose specific size and shape
  • Save plans or e-mail them to yourself


Fitness by design

This service concerning gym design includes

  • Free 3D gym design and planning
  • Room planner


These are only a few of many gym design software programs that are on the market. If you’re looking at starting and designing your own home gym, the best idea is to use a free version of the many available. If you’re looking at designing a personal commercial gym, you may want to use a higher priced software. Hopefully this has given a general idea if the programs available and the best type to choose depending on the basic usage of the facility.




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