Comparison Of Stone Molds

When you’re looking at starting a home gym, atlas stones are one piece of equipment you may need. There are different stone molds available, and here we will make a comparison of stone molds to see which may be better to use. Atlas stones are a great piece of equipment to use if you’re looking at training for functional type of movement patterns. The strength gained using these type of lifts will transfer to everyday use unlike lifting weights with a barbell or dumbbell. Here are the two top selling brands of stone molds and how they compare to one another.

Brand: Hybrid

Product: Stone Mold

The Best place to buy: Rogue Fitness

Brand: Slater

Product: Stone Mold

The Best place to buy: Slater Hardware

There are different factors about using an atlas stone that you should know prior to making a decision on purchasing one. The main thing to be looked at is the weight of the stone. If you are just beginning this type of training, you should start out at the lighter weight stones that you think you will be able to lift.
In order to gradually progress in strength, you’ll need different size molds in order to increase the weight. The type of mold chosen may also affect the number of molds that you will need. Here is a description of the two types of molds previously mentioned. This includes the pros and cons of each when it comes to making the stone.

 Slater    Hybrid  
8 inches23 lbs$ 5010 inches35 lbs$ 75
10 inches42 lbs$ 6510.75 inches50 lbs$ 75
12 inches72 lbs$ 7912 inches65 lbs$ 80
14 inches75-157 lbs$ 8513 inches95 lbs$ 90
16 inches135-215 lbs$ 10914 inches115 lbs$ 95
18 inches200-280 lbs$ 11914.5 inches130 lbs$ 100
20 inches295-375 lbs$ 14515 inches145 lbs$ 105
21 inches315-395 lbs$ 17815.5 inches160 lbs$ 110
22 inches360-440 lbs$ 18816 inches173 lbs$ 110
17 inches215 lbs$ 120
18 inches250 lbs$ 125
18.5 inches275 lbs$ 130
19 inches300 lbs$ 140


Is it easy to assemble ?

Slater: No

Hybrid: Yes

Can the same size vary in weight ?

Slater: Yes

Hybrid: No

Are extra tools required for assembly ?

Slater: Yes

Hybrid: No

Can inserts be used ? 

Slater: Yes

Hybrid: No


These stone molds can be used to make multiple size stones. Depending on ones current level of strength, this will determine the size stone needed. There are multiple uses for an atlas stone concerning exercises that can be performed as well. Most think that lifting a stone is all there is, but there are other movements that can be performed as well. Here are some of these additional exercises that can be performed with an atlas stone.


Concerning durability, each of these stone molds are very durable in strength and are made out of a very hard plastic material.


When it comes to the quality of the product you will get out of each stone you make, this is similar for both brands of molds. Concerning the use of the mold in making the stone, the hybrid brand mold is much easier to use and does not require additional tools or work. Here are some short videos showing how to use these different molds. The main difference in these molds is that while the Slater brand requires more work, it has the option of using inserts which allows for a lighter or heavier weight using the same size mold. The hybrid brand of mold does not offer this, meaning you have to buy multiple molds. It is because of this option that I consider a Slater stone mold as being the better choice.

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