Two in one aerobic machine

Most of the aerobic equipment like steppers, elliptical, or treadmills have only one function.  Here we will look at a stepper and eliptical machine combination. Here is a general overview of what you will be getting when you purchase this product.

Product: Bowflex M3 Trainer

Garentee: This product has a one year manufactures warranty. A trial period is also allowed and if you do not like the product within this time, you can return it for a refund.

Concerning usage, this piece of equipment is good for anyone from a beginner to the advanced and highly trained concerning workouts. If you have any previous cardiovascular conditions though you should be cleared with your doctor prior to beginning any high intensity workouts.



  • Is more affordable than other models
  • It has a 14-minute interval workout program
  • Very compact and able to fit in almost any room
  • You can control the speed and resistance with the touch of a dial
  • 8 resistance levels are provided
  • A water bottle holder and tablet holder are provided
  • Readings of your heart rate and calories burned
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty


  • Limited concerning the number of workouts pre programmed
  • Is not blue tooth capable to keep track of workouts
  • Can not hold information for multiple individuals
  • No coaching is provided
  • Has a 300 lb weight limit

This bowflex stepper and elliptical training machine is great for any individual that wants a great workout regardless of fitness level. If you do not care about keeping track of your individual workouts, this model will meet your needs.

Some additional features offered by other models may include things such as a screen where you can get one on one coaching. This will help with motivating the individual through their workout. Also, other models may be able to keep track of specific statistics concerning one’s workouts, having the ability to store previous workouts.

Although many features are not included in this model as are others, if all you want is a great workout that can be done in a short period, this will work for you.

Even though it’s not totally certain, you may be able to use a tablet to go online and download some type of virtual workout. This would give you that one additional feature. Overall, if you’re short on funds but want to get a good piece of equipment for a quality aerobic workout at home, the Bowflex M3 trainer is a good choice.

One Thought to “Two in one aerobic machine”

  1. As a person who seldom goes to a gym or does serious training, this is an ideal device to lose some weight and get fit, and at the same time it has some of the benefits of the big guns.
    The fact that it has a compact design and does not take much space makes it a certainty for flat owners.
    Thank you Justin for introducing us to the Bowflex, it is a real gem to consider when one wants to purchase to get fit.

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