There are many pieces of exercise equipment on the market. When it comes to pieces of aerobic training equipment, numerous pieces of equipment are offered. This includes steppers, treadmills, bikes, elliptical, or a climber. Equipment such as steppers or bikes are great for isolating movements, while treadmills or elliptical are good for a total body workout.

Brand: Maxi climber

Product: Vertical climber

Climbers mimic the motion of climbing and are great for home use due to the lack of space they take up. They are great for a total body workout. This works both your heart and your bodies’ use of oxygen, along with local muscular endurance. Here we will cover some unique aspects of a great climber that you can use in your home to get a great total body workout in a short period.


  • Payment plan is offered
  • Works for all levels of fitness
  • Includes full body workouts
  • Has a workout timer
  • Comes 90 % pre assembled
  • Easily stores and is compact
  • Low impact on the knees in comparison to other types of equipment


  • May be bad for anyone with previous knee injuries or surgery

This climber has twelve different levels of resistance for you to choose from, so this is good for use from the beginner, to the advanced trainer. The hydraulic resistance system also allows the resistance to be constant throughout the range of motion, emphasizing the main core muscles, while also working the arms, glutes, and legs as well. You can get a good workout with this climber in as little as 20 minutes.

Ones own body weight is also used for resistance, and it will hold up to a maximum of 240 pounds. Weighing only 33 pounds and the ability to fold makes this climber great for home use being easy to store. There are also numerous models that you can choose at different prices depending on your financial situation.

There are also protection plans that are offered so that if you have any issues concerning the quality of the product breaking down, you are able to get a replacement. Customer support is also available 24/7 and you can cancel the protection plan at any time. Overall, this climber is a good piece of equipment for home use due to its variable levels of resistance and its compact design making it easy for storage. If I was looking for a good quality climber for home use, this is worth the consideration.

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